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The Margarita On The Run® Story

Margarita On The Run® started as a family owned business & would like to tell you our story. We always wanted to start a business but did not have much money to do so. So we took out a loan and bought one margarita machine. We placed phone book ads and gave cards out at our jobs where we worked. One year later we had 4 machines. The third year we had 11 machines . Today, we have 40 machines for our rental side and another 35 on long term leases. Now almost 25 years later, Margarita On The Run Inc®. is one of the Largest Margarita Machine Rental & Sales Companies in the Nation. We also have our own line of bar and Margarita mix that is used all across the United States, Virgin Island,Canada,Taiwan and Cancun. Margarita On The Run® is a Licensed Manufacturer In The State Of Texas. If your interested in starting a Frozen Drink Machine Rental company, we would like to help you get started. Margarita On The Run® currently sells to over 4000 Frozen Drink Machine Rental companies, Daiquiri Shops,Margarita Shops Hotels, Bars, Coffee Shops , Restaurants & other businesses. If you would like to start your own Margarita Machine Rental company Daiquiri To Go , Margaritas To Go or just need some Margarita Mix, we can help. We are The Leader in The Industry & we can help you in the process of getting you up & running. We are always Running ahead of the pack Since 1998

Start your own Margarita Machine Rental Business!

Do You want to Start your own Margarita Machine Rental Company? Guess What…We Can Help!

Why use someone else’s name?  Grow your own business & use your own name.  Not only will you save $money a few thousand dollars by doing this, you will have fun at the same time.

Ask the other companies that sell Franchises these questions:

  • Do I get TV advertisements?
  • Do I get Radio Commercials?
  • Do I get News Paper ads?
  • How do you help advertise for me?
  • Why do I pay Franchise fees?
  • Do I have to pay renewal fees every year?
  • Do you advertise in my territory or just yours ?
  • Do I have to buy all my new machines from you?

Before You start your Margarita Machine Rental company compare us to the others. Once you start your own business you may want to sell machines & mix to restaurants, bars, coffee shops or even individuals. How many brands of machines do the other guys carry? We are Distributors of many different brands of machines and the Largest Grindmaster 3311 margarita machine dealer in the United States. The reason we do this is because certain machines are better for certain circumstances. Also, how many mix flavors does the other guys carry? We stock a wide selection of flavors. Also, If you would like a special frozen drink mix flavor we can do that too.

Margarita On The Run ®does not sell Franchises.  We sell State Of The Art Frozen Drink Machines & Top shelf margarita mixes at great wholesale prices.  We are here to help you grow your frozen drink machine business with your business name not someone else’s name. With some other companies that sell Franchises you are confined to a territory. When starting your own business, you can delivery and sell machines & mix any where you would like. You will also receive special Dealer Pricing on Frozen Drink Machines & Margarita Mix & Slush Mix too. Margarita On The Run Mixes set us apart from the rest. Our drink concentrate mixes are made with quality ingredients which leads to a Great taste.

Did you say, How do I start this business?  Well guess what, Margarita On The Run®can help!

Private Label Mixes

Oh yeah! If you are a margarita machine rental company & you buy mix from us, our name is not on the label. We will private label the frozen drink mix for you. Remember: don’t grow someone else’s name, grow your own business. Margarita On The Run® can help you.
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