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Click on the frequently asked questions below to reveal their answer. Remember that if you dont find the answer to your question here you can always contact us or call 972-209-COLD or 817-453-COLD

  1. How many drinks does one batch make?
  2. Does Margarita On The Run® supply the liquor ?
  3. How much are additional Mixes?
  4. Can I use My own Margarita Mix ?
  5. What size cups do you supply?
  6. When do you deliver the Margarita Machine?
  7. What if I am not home to pick up the Margarita Machine?
  8. Can the Margarita Machine operate outside ?
  9. Can I move the Margarita Machine to another location?
  10. What type of electrical connection do I need?
  11. What else do you need to know?
  12. What if I have any more questions?
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