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  • Frozen Drink Mix - Mixed Case - 8 Half Gallons

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    Frozen Drink Mix - Mixed Case - 8 Half Gallons

    Frozen Drink Mix - Mixed Case - 8 Half Gallons
    Case - 8
    Customize your own case of frozen drink mix. Choose up to 8 flavors in a case. Note: You can choose 8 different flavors or 8 of the same flavors. If you would like all of the same flavor, choose each drop menu the same fla...

    Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!] by Philip Clayton
    Date Added: Saturday 20 June, 2015

    I tried the Cherry Limeade drink concentrate because my wife made me. She drinks diet cherry limeade from Sonic all the time, and wanted to compare. We made it with no alcohol (at first). It had a much stronger and less watered down taste than the Sonic equlivent. My wife really liked the mix. About then my near "non drinking" neighbor comes over. I added 3 oz tequela to about 10 oz of frozen cherry limeade and gave it to her. She said she could not taste the booze in it. The lime aftertaste seemed to hide any alcohol afterbite, and the cold does the rest. Wicked good on a hot day with a unique taste. Seemed more popular with the women than men, and with booze in it this can sneak up on all of them....

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