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Margarita Mix Sales & Frozen Drink Machine Sales New Hampshire & Massachusetts

Margarita On The Run Inc. sells high quality frozen drink mixes nationwide. We know New Hampshire and Massachusetts business’s and residents will love our high quality frozen drink mixes. We have been selling our Top Shelf ┬ámargarita mix,granita mix,slush mix and frozen drink mixes nationwide. If you would like to purchase our outstanding mixes, you can purchase on our online store. We have many flavors to choose from. Example Margarita Mix, Strawberry Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Peach Bellini,Pina Colada, Rum Runner, Mango and many more specialties. If your in the New England area and wanting some good Quality Drinks, purchase online or give us a call at 817-453-COLD(2653)

We also sale our frozen drink Mixes Wholesale. Call for special pricing. 817-453-COLD(2653)

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