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Margarita Machine Rentals Dallas / Fort worth

If you are wanting to rent a margarita machine in the Dallas / Fort Worth area, there are plenty of companies to choose from.  There are many great frozen drink machine rental businesses and many not so good.  If you have never rented a margarita machine and looking for a reputable company it’s not easy to choose a company.  Your best bet is to research how long the frozen drink machine rental company has been in business.  But sometimes this will not help either.  Some companies in this industry leave there own false reviews on many sites like yahoo, yelp or google.  The best bet is when you are researching to rent a commercial margarita machine, make sure the company you are renting from is asking you questions too.  Typical questions would be, where will the drink machine be located, are there any steps or stairs, how many guests will be attending and most important, make sure the margarita machine has a 15 or 20 amp dedicated circuit.  If the company your speaking with does not ask you questions, there is a good chance you will not have a smooth experience. Here at Margarita On The Run we not only rent margarita machines, we are the distributor of the frozen drink machines we rent. We have been serving the Dallas / Fort Worth area  since 1998.  We sell and lease our beverage machines too. We distribute our frozen margarita machines Nationwide including to many other margarita machine rental companies,bars,restaurants,clubs and hotels across the United States  This gives you the confidence that when we deliver your machine , we know everything  about serving your guests the best frozen margaritas. Be sure and reserve your margarita rental early, we book fast. You can either call us 817-453 – COLD(2653) or use the margarita  machine rental reservation for online.

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